Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jesus is not here to keep the storms from coming.

I read a devotion today about Jesus being in the boat and calming the Sea of Galilee. (Matt. 8:23-27)  It is such a difficult concept for me too understand that Jesus didn't stop the storm sooner.  I mean, He had to know it was coming. Why did He let the disciples get in the boat?  He had to know it was going to storm! This comes down to the heart of my struggle--Why, oh why did He allow all this to happen? He knew it would. I know He is teaching me to trust Him in the storm. You that storm on the sea of Galilee had to have been a doozy! I mean, these are professional fishermen, and they are scared for their lives. And yet, Jesus takes them out in the boat and let's them experience a horrendous storm. Why? So, I guess He trusts me enough to realize He's going to get me through this storm.  I don't want Him to stop this until He's accomplished what He set out to do. Lord, help me remain in Your peace. I need it so desperately. But God, please don't let this storm last one second longer than it has to...I've had enough.

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Robin L. Fraser said...

God wants us to NEVER give up hope and his guidance. I am trusting every moment of every day that you lean on him.