Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Major Question: What am I putting my faith in?

I am currently reading a book called Hope Being Gone, by Cherie Hill.  I got it on my Kindle for free.  It keeps coming back to the same question--What do you do when you have run out of hope?  She believes that God places us in positions of hopelessness to build our faith.  She also says that we don't NEED a lot of faith.  That it is not the amount of faith that we have, but the object of our faith.  It has made me question myself.  Who or what is my faith in?

I know at times my faith has been in my works, my prayers, my faith...does that make sense?  My faith is in my faith???  That's not what God wants.  He wants me to put my faith in Him.  That I can't produce faith on my own.  That if I pray harder, and He'll act sooner.  He has to come through for me.  And He will, in His own time and on His own terms.  And I can't pray harder and give more and have Him come through faster.  He will come through for me, though.  He IS my only hope.  He is directing my path, and He will come through.

So my question has to be, what do You want from me?  Show me, and I will do it.  I will wait until You tell me.


Leslie said...

Tammy, I love your thoughts about faith. Reading this makes me wonder why I don't put my faith where God wants me too more often then not and why wouldn't I just do it all the time? I feel like I need to do a faith check with myself because I can get caught up in what things seem to look like, instead of realizing that things are never what they seem, and God is always who He says He is....
thank you for sharing and writing...xoxo Leslie

Mickey said...

Faith is equal to Trust. Wow...that is a BIGie. Faith can also mean believing GOD and keep up a clear picture of what you are believing GOD for. But sometimes I think....crying is ok.

Mickey said...

Faith for me is TRUSTING. Trusting that you are Believing GOD for something clear and right.
expect a miracle
sometimes you need to just cry also.

Anonymous said...

So true..I keep thinking that sooner or later the tremendous trials that we have faced in the past six months will come to an end just to find another waiting around the corner for us. The problem is I want it to be sooner and God apparently has something else in mind for me. I know it has to be something awesome but I find myself questioning "how much more, God?" instead of "thank you, God, for this awesome work you are doing in me..thank you that you love my family even more than I do and that you are working miracles in their lives." Someday I will look back and praise Him when I see His handiwork and His plan is clear to my feeble eyes. What I keep reminding myself, though, is that I need to be praising Him now even though I can't foresee the outcome of much that is going on around us. The object of my faith is worthy of all praise regardless of circumstances. Thank you for sharing.